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High Point Regional Health System Recognized For Providing Highest Tobacco Cessation Standard


High Point Regional Health System in High Point was recognized by NC Prevention Partners (NCPP) for providing the highest standard of excellence for tobacco cessation programs offered to their employees.

“Since we became a tobacco free campus we have tailored our efforts to not only provide a smoke free environment, but support our employees in their effort and commitment to adopting healthier lifestyle choices,” said Latrice Bankhead, health and wellness coordinator, High Point Regional Health System.

Hospitals receiving this acknowledgment are considered Gold Star Standard Hospitals. NCPP is working with NC hospital corporate leaders and staff to enhance tobacco cessation efforts and resources available to all hospital employees and patients. In order to receive this recognition, High Point Regional refers their employees to effective quit programs (counseling), provides comprehensive benefits (nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medications) and offers attractive incentives to encourage employees to quit tobacco use.

These are among several components recommended by NCPP for comprehensive quit-tobacco systems in hospitals. “High Point Regional continues to shine and perform as one of the top hospitals in North Carolina. They are doing a great job in supporting their employees in quitting the use of tobacco,” said Melva Fager Okun, senior manager with NC Prevention Partners. “I applaud their great effort.”

NC Prevention Partners’ work in NC hospitals is funded by The Duke Endowment and is in partnership with the NC Hospital Association.

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Chad Campbell (336) 878-6200
High Point Regional Health System

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