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High Point Regional Health System Receives Excellence in MRSA Reduction Award


High Point Regional Health System has been recognized by VHA Inc., the national health care network, as a leader in clinical quality and patient safety for its efforts to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections, specifically Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA.

High Point Regional was one of only 13 hospitals in the region to be recognized by VHA’s regional office in Charlotte, N.C. For 2009, the Health System’s rate was .07 or less for hospital-acquired MRSA infections per 1,000 patient days.

“High Point Regional has demonstrated a significant commitment to patient safety through its infection prevention efforts, which help improve the quality of care while also reducing costs,” said Terri Bowersox, director of performance improvement for VHA’s Central Atlantic region. “Hospitals across the nation would benefit from looking at High Point Regional’s performance and mimicking their work.”

Bowersox noted that essential elements for sustaining superior clinical quality levels are CEO leadership and commitment as well as a willingness by the nurses and physicians in the organization to learn from the best practices that are in place in other high-performing hospitals.

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