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High Point Regional Health System Offers Free Maternity Resource


HIGH POINT, N.C. – The anticipation and arrival of a new addition to a family is an exciting time for any household. Life certainly changes with the arrival of a baby!

This is an excellent free resource that we're excited to offer our patients, said Aaron Wall, public relations and marketing manager.

High Point Regional is proud to offer My Baby Expectations™, a monthly electronic newsletter that updates its subscribers with monthly information about the changes you’ll experience during your pregnancy and what to expect as your baby continues to develop. The advice continues through your baby's first year with monthly guidelines on what to expect as you watch your baby grow into a toddler.

Expectant mothers will experience changes throughout their pregnancy that coincide with the development of the baby. This educational resource is helpful for expecting parents to help understand the physical and emotional pregnancy process along with tips on how to prepare for the new arrival.

Other features include the ability to download a variety of free lullabies and podcasts which are pre-recorded messages of each monthly newsletter.

My Baby Expectations is one of five unique and free My Health Today e-health services that High Point Regional offers. To subscribe to any of the My Health Today e-health services log on to the hospital’s main page www.highpointregional.com. Scroll down and click on “Get Your Free Personalized e-health Newsletter” which is located on the bottom left-hand side of the page.

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