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High Point Regional Health System Introduces New Technology


High Point Regional Health System now offers critically ill patients the added benefit of state-of-the-art monitoring through the eICU® system.

"This technology will add to the current bedside care our patients already receive," said Dr. Peter Brath, medical director, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), High Point Regional. “The eICU is another step in the fulfillment of our mission to provide exceptional health services to the people of our region.”

All 20 ICU rooms at High Point Regional offer this advanced technology to patients who need more intensive physician interaction. The eICU system consists of a monitor and high-definition camera mounted on the wall, allowing communication between the hospital’s bedside staff, physicians and nurses with trained intensivist physicians located in St. Louis. These physicians and critical-care nurses monitor all aspects of a patient and their progress through cameras and direct diagnostic computer feeds. Cameras can monitor fluctuations as miniscule as pupil dilation.

When turned on, a bell rings and the camera turns to face the patient. When the camera is not in use, it faces away from the patient and microphones are inactive for patient privacy. No recording is ever made from the camera or microphone. The eICU program is governed by the same federal privacy guidelines that cover the hospital.

High Point Regional's eICU technology adds to current bedside care by providing: continuous 24 hour monitoring of patients for a more proactive plan of care, improved patient safety and shorter amount of time in the hospital. Doctors at High Point Regional continue to direct patient care with the health care team members.

In addition to the ICU, the hospital will utilize mobile eICU technology to provide critical care support and assist in the evaluation and care of critically ill patients in the Emergency Department, Coronary Care Unit and Surgical ICU.

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