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Emergency Department Honored With U.S. Flag Flown In Iraq


Parallels between service to country and to community were recently honored when High Point Regional Health System’s Emergency Department (ED) received a flag that had flown over the Multi-National Corps headquarters in Iraq. Colonel Ron Gallimore presented the flag after his recent return from his second deployment to Iraq.

As part of the presentation, Col. Gallimore spoke about the importance of serving one's country and thanked High Point Regional and the ED for the ways in which they serve our community.

Kristan Gallimore, Col. Gallimore's daughter, works in the hospital’s ED as a student nurse intern and certified nursing assistant. Col. Gallimore spoke with pride about his daughter's career choice and the ways nurses and other health care professionals serve others.

Col. Gallimore had a lifelong career in military service, with the U.S. Army and National Guard. While in Iraq he served as C5 Plans Chief of Force Generation. He and his team planned and executed the rotation of 140,000 U.S. military members from the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

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